AGDFA’s 2017 Year-End Comp Mix

This yearly tradition (6 years running) goes on despite the fact i’ve been pretty quiet
on the podcast front.

Actually, these 60 songs would’ve made the cut and been part of episodes I would’ve recorded for you fine people.

Instead, you get them all in one GIANT stew of Rock, Shoegaze, Hip Hop, Electro and Sad Bastard musical goodness.

Enjoy! and [...]


100 mins : 24 secs | 45.9 mb

Girl Band “Pears For Lunch”
Holding Hands With Jamie [ amazon ]
( rough trade )
website | twitter | facebook

Gal Pals “Get Over It”
Velvet Rut [ amazon ]
( papercup music )
website | twitter | facebook

Bully “Milkman”
Feels Like [ amazon ]
( startime international )
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MVs Collection #21

School Of Seven Bells - “Windstorm”

One of the Deheza sisters in the middle of a Brooklyn street, stopping
traffic while people all over New York city spins around where they stand …
Ah hell! I don’t know what this video’s suppose to be about but it’s a
damn fine song for a first single.
Directed By David Altobelli.
From their [...]