Videos: Autolux @ La Sala Rossa ( 08. 25. 2010 )

They fucking rocked.
How’s that for a review.
They were all smiles and kind of chatty which is very un-Autolux like if
you’ve seen them perform live before.
They played their new album “Transit Transit” in it’s entirety with a few
choice cuts from “Future Perfect”.
We got to witness Greg Edwards, in piano man mode singing his very Beatles-esque
song “Spots”.

Carla [...]


76 mins : 37 secs | 52.6 mb

Autolux “Census” ( TBD records )
Transit Transit [ amazon ]
website | myspace | facebook

The Burning Hotels “Boy Or A Girl” ( miss press records )
Novels [ amazon ]
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Young Rival “Modern Life” ( Sonic Unyon )
Young Rival [ amazon ]
website | myspace [...]

MVs Collection #21

School Of Seven Bells - “Windstorm”

One of the Deheza sisters in the middle of a Brooklyn street, stopping
traffic while people all over New York city spins around where they stand …
Ah hell! I don’t know what this video’s suppose to be about but it’s a
damn fine song for a first single.
Directed By David Altobelli.
From their [...]

Contest: Autolux @ La Sala Rossa ( August 25th 2010 )

Ya I know.
Another Autolux post.
I swear I only have a few more in me.
This one benefits my fellow Montrealers who were planning on attending
their first headlining show in our neck of the woods (they opened for
Secret Machines and The Raveonettes back in 2005) @ La Sala Rossa
(my most favorite venue in town) August 25th.
Opening for [...]

Osheaga 2010: The Recap

A week ago today, 53 000 people showed up on Île-Sainte-Hélène, making this year’s festivities their most well attended edition yet.
Killer lineup of bands + perfect Summer weather, there was no way this edition
would fail.
Highlights for me included hearing songs from the new Walkmen album “Lisbon”.
they were the first band I caught on Satuday and [...]

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