MVs Collection #114

Digital Noise Academy - “Melting Inside”
Directed by N/A.

Blinker The Star - “The River”
Directed by Brock Vincion Sharp.

I Break Horses - “Denial”
Directed by David Burkhart.

Is Tropical - “Lover’s Cave” (NSFW)
Directed by Richard Kern.

Earl Sweatshirt Feat.Vince Staples & Casey Veggies - “Hive”
Directed by Hiro Murai.

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85 mins : 23 secs | 48.8 mb

True Widow “Numb Hand” ( relapse records )
Circumambulation [ amazon ]
website | twitter | facebook

Dinosaur Pile-Up “Arizona Rising” ( so recordings )
Nature Nurture [ amazon ]
website | twitter | facebook

The Digital Noise Academy “Circulation” ( echo fields recordings )
Synemy [ amazon ]
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MVs Collection #113

Directed by Pen$acola.

Young Galaxy - “New Summer”
Directed by Ivan Grbovic.

SPC ECO - “Delusional Waste”
Directed by H K G.

The Julie Ruin - “Oh Come On”
Directed by Erin Greenwell.

Pusha T - “Numbers On The Boards”
Directed by So Me.

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Osheaga 2013: The Schedule

Is online!
In beautiful JPEG form.

You can make your favorites list right HERE and download the smart phone APP

The schedule may change at any time so keep abreast of those changes through
their website and Twitter feed.

Tickets can still be purchased right here.

27 days away!

In the meantime, on July 20th, do attend a free show courtesy of [...]