New Radiohead Song “Staircase” From July 1st BBC Telecast

A new Radiohead song is a nice little surprise to show up in one’s Twitter feed in the morning.
A cast off from “The King Of Limbs” recording sessions and once again on the IDM
tip. Rocking out don’t seem to be a priority for them anymore. Regardless, it’s Radiohead and they never disappoint.
This was recorded live [...]

Radiohead “The King Of Limbs” Out Today! + New Music Video

The King Of Limbs
February 18, 2011
Ticker Tape
1. Bloom
2. Morning Mr Magpie
3. Little By Little
4. Feral
5. Lotus Flower
6. Codex
7. Give Up The Ghost
8. Separator
Official Website
I was already preparing a post to celebrate the release of this new opus
for tomorrow morning but sneaky Brits them Radiohead blokes are, they pulled
a fast one on us yet again and [...]

Radiohead Starts Work On New Album. Music Nerds Rejoices.

What music blogs in their right minds would *not* be talking about this
today I ask you?
Well, let me be music blog #34251 to let you know that yes, Thom Yorke
and the boys are back in the studio working on a new album.
After the awesomeness that was “In Rainbows” back in 2007 and all the
hoopla that [...]