Beach House “10 Mile Stereo” Live @ La Sala Rossa

One of my favorite albums of the year so far (and on many other people’s
lists aswell) is Beach House’s “Teen Dream”.
They were in town last night, performing most of said new album to a very
attentive crowd @ La Sala Rossa.
Even tough they played in almost complete darkness, they managed
to re-create their sweet dream pop-ish sound [...]

Soulwax Will Never Die

Official Website

The Dewaele brothers.
Stephen (singer) and David (guitarist).
Belgians by birth but now, citizens of the world.
Started their music careers back in 1996 with Soulwax, IMHO the best
electro-rock band working it today.
They have 3 albums to their name: Leave The Story Untold (1996), Much
Against Everyone’s Advice (1998) and my favorite in the bunch, Any Minute
Now (2004) [...]