MVs Collection #188

Failure - “Hot Traveler”
Directed By Ken Andrews.

Dinosaur Pile-Up - “11:11″
Directed By Jay Maude.

Mikal Cronin - “Say”
Directed By Jonah Ray.

Veruca Salt - “Laughing In The Sugar Bowl”
Directed By Tim Rutilli.

Empress Of - “Water Water”
Directed By Zaiba Jabbar & Lorely Rodriguez.

Absolutely Free - “Vision’s”
Directed By LeBlanc + Cudmore.

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Failure: The Tree Of Stars North American 2014 Tour

Haven’t written an honest to goodness blog post in awhile but if anybody can get me out of retirement, the band Failure are it.

I always felt and I’m sure most of their fans think this way too that they were one of the best kept secret of the 90’s alternative music scene.

A band’s band as [...]

Failure “Fantastic Planet” Out On Vinyl

An album that gives me and all rock music producers/engineers a geek boner.
It’s been described as the “Dark Side Of The Moon” for the Lollapalooza generation.
70 minutes of pure space rock madness.
The sonic details that went into it’s production, the layers of sounds, the moods
they’ve created, the inventive use of guitar effects and signal processing [...]