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Back in April 2009, I spoke fondly of this new Shoegaze band out of England,
led by Dean Garcia, founding member of 90’s Electro/Shoegaze band Curve with
singer/songwriter Toni Halliday.
His new leading lady as it were happens to be his daughter Rose Berlin,
who’s done a bang up job so far. Can’t forget lead guitarist Joey Levenson
who adds [...]

SPC ECO’s “3-D” Gets “Physical” This Week

April 21, 2009
Noiseplus Music
1. For All Time
2. Shine On Down
3. Telling You
4. See You Soon
5. Find It All
6. Another Day
7. Special
8. You’re Alright
9. Better That Way
10. Something Anything
11. Don’t Know Ever
12. Telling You (ELO RUB Mix)
13. Shine On Down (Overnight Mix)
14. Spotlight (Bonus Track)
Official Website
This is Dean Garcia’s new project, [...]