Giant Drag New (And Final) Album “Waking Up Is Hard To Do” Out Today

Official Website
01. 90210
02. We Like The Weather
03. Won’t Come Around
04. Do It
05. Firestorm
06. Garbage Heart
07. Meowch
08. Messif My Face
09. Dennis the Pennis
10. Sobriety is a Sobering Experience
11. Heart Carl
12. Seen The Light
13. Sobriety is a Sobering Experience (Demo)
14. Heart Carl (Demo)
What I Know About Nothing EP
01. Firestorm (Demo) (Hidden!)
02. Sobriety Is A Sobering Experience (Demo)
03. [...]

Download 2 New Giant Drag Songs

Back in May of last year, when last I spoke of Giant Drag and their upcoming sophomore album, frontwoman and all-around kooky lady Annie Hardy had gone through serious health problems and shitty dealings with the music industry.

Fast forward to now, things are looking up.

Label has been found, new album will see the light of [...]

What Is Up With The New Giant Drag Album?

Life’s been rough for Giant Drag’s frontwoman Annie Hardy.
Health issues and the music industry haven’t been too kind to her in recent
We did get this pretty sweet EP release “Swang Song” Back in February 2010
but since then, not a word as to when their sophomore album (their debut
“Hearts And Unicorns” came out in 2006) would [...]

Giant Drag Swan Song EP (Finally) Out Today! + MP3

Giant Drag
Swan Song EP
February 16, 2010
Roar Scratch
1. Swan Song
2. Stuff To Live For
3. White Baby
4. Heart Carl
Official Website
Having blogged about this 6 months ago, I’m happy to say there’s
finally a new Giant Drag release spewed forth into the world.
These tracks i’ve been in the works for years. Nice to hear the
studio version of these songs [...]

Giant Drag New Video “Stuff To Live For” + New EP On The Way

Official Website
Annie Hardy, Giant Drag frontwoman and perhaps the funniest lady in all of
indie rockdom is back with a new record, 4 years since her most excellent
debut album 2005’s “Hearts & Unicorns”.
The 4-song EP titled “Swang Song” will come out this October.
This EP was recorded with partner in crime/drummer Micah Calabrese who
came back after [...]