Kestrels / Aim Low / Cresting / January 28th @ Le Cagibi

First live show of the year I shall attend is for these find fellas.
Halifax shoegazers Kestrels coming to town for the first time Saturday night @ Le Cagibi.

They’ve got a fine debut album in 2009’s “Primary Colours” and early last year with a 7″ titled “The Solipsist” and last month with a free single titled [...]

Introducing: Aim Low


Pauly here, wanting to give you the 514 on this brand new local band on zee scene.
A trio of Shoegazers/Noise Poppers/Droners made up of O.H. (guitar / effects / vocals) D.A. (guitar / effects / bass / vocals) and  L.F. (bowed bass / laptop / guitar / effects /  vocals). They can also be heard [...]