AGDFA’s 2017 Year-End Comp Mix

This yearly tradition (6 years running) goes on despite the fact i’ve been pretty quiet
on the podcast front.

Actually, these 60 songs would’ve made the cut and been part of episodes I would’ve recorded for you fine people.

Instead, you get them all in one GIANT stew of Rock, Shoegaze, Hip Hop, Electro and Sad Bastard musical goodness.

Enjoy! and [...]

AGDFA’s 2013 Year-End Comp Mix

I kind of went nuts with this one.

60 songs in all.

Representing a year’s worth of music in 3 most excellent hours.

I hope you enjoy it and if it strikes your fancy, do leave a word
or two in the comments section below.

to my fellow music lovers and loverettes …

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83 mins : 28 secs | 47.7 mb

Nine Inch Nails “Everything” ( columbia )
Hesitation Marks [ amazon ]
website | twitter | facebook

Porcelain Raft “Way Out” ( secretly canadian )
Permanent Signal [ amazon ]
website | twitter | facebook

Grooms “I Think We’re Alone Now” ( western vinyl )
Infinity Caller [ amazon ]
website | twitter | facebook

Pity [...]

MVs Collection #112

Nine Inch Nails - “Came Back Haunted”
Directed by David Lynch.

M.I.A. - “Bring The Noize”
Directed by Switch And Surkin.

Pixies - “Bagboy”
Directed by Lamar+Nik.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - “Despair”
Directed by Patrick Daughters.

Garfunkel And Oates - “The Loophole” (NSFW)
Directed by Riki Lindhome.

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How To Destroy Angels Debut EP Out Today ( Free Download )

1. The Space In Between
2. Parasite
3. Fur-Lined
4. BBB
5. The Believers
6. A Drowning
Official Website
Much like he did with the final Nine Inch Nails release (2008’s “The Slip”)
Trent Reznor decided to give away this new release for free on the Interweb.
Out of the kindness of his heart i’m sure but mostly, to drum up some word
of [...]

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