Pop Montreal 2011: Day 5 Picks ( September 25th )

Posted on September 23, 2011 |

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Last day.

Knees are weak, feet hurting like a bitch from these last 4 days of standing up for
hours on end.

While you spend the first half of your lazy Sunday sleeping it off, you got all afternoon to do some record shopping @ the 3rd Annual Record Fair happening at the Ukrainian Federation.

Or hit up Puces Pop for all your craft-y needs @ the St-Michael Church (corner St-Viateur and St-Urbain).

In between those 2 fun filled activities, why not stop @ the Notman House and
get your free BBQ on. Nothing like having delicious flame broiled meats in you to make the rest of that final Pop day go down easy.

Here be my last remaining picks to close out this wonderful week.

Peter Hook & The Light @ Club Soda / 9pm

I won’t Lie.

I’m going to this purely out of morbid curiousity.

Peter Hook being of course one of the co-founders and bassist of seminal (twice in one week i’ve used that word) Post-Punk band Joy Division and later, went on to form New Order with fellow surviving JD member Bernard Sumner.

His new band The Lights, is in essence a glorified cover band with an actual member of the band they’re covering, on tour right now performing Joy Division’s debut album “Unknown Pleasures” in it’s entirety.

Some might say this amounts to blasphemy that Mr. Hook would dare take on the songs Ian Curtis performed brilliantly. Others might just enjoy the only chance to hear this music in a live setting with an original member who performed said songs back in the day and went through the crazy, fucked up ride that was Joy Division.

I’ll letcha know in which camp I reside after attending their performance. Gotta say though, pretty ballsy of Mr. Hook to even take this on in the first place so kudos to him for having the cojones. [ MySpace / Tickets ]

Girls @ Théâtre Corona / 9pm

If sitting through 90 minutes of dark, depressing Post-Punk dirges isnt your bag, might I suggest Girls and their brand of retro indie rock from San Francicso.

Led by Christopher Owens, a former member of the Children of God cult so you know he’s seen some shit go down. He keeps it real. They have an excellent new album out titled “Father, Son, Holy Ghost” which Pfork gave a 9.3 so you know … that’s something. [ MySpace / Tickets ]

DJ Q-Bert @ La Sala Rossa / *Cancelled*

The biography on Pop Montreal’s website says it best:

A true hip hop legend. Founding member of the Invisibl Skratch Pikls and a three-time world DMC champion, Q-Bert was also the DJ behind the utterly classic scratch routines on Kool Keith and Dan the Automator’s Dr. Octagon record.

An expert in the field of turntablism.

Come see the master at work as the final show of your 2011 Pop Montreal experience. [ MySpace ]

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