Pop Montreal 2011: Day 5 Picks ( September 25th )

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Last day.
Knees are weak, feet hurting like a bitch from these last 4 days of standing up for
hours on end.
While you spend the first half of your lazy Sunday sleeping it off, you got all afternoon to do some record shopping @ the 3rd Annual Record Fair [...]

Pop Montreal 2011: The Full Schedule

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Behold greatness!

Leafing through the printed program, these stood out and will
most likely be the shows you shall see me at:

Wednesday, September 21st
08:00 PM : Aim Low @ Il Motore
09:45 PM : Arcade Fire @ Metropolis ( sold out! and needs the hookup for tix! )
10:30 PM : [...]

MVs Collection #42

Kanye West & Jay-Z (Watch The Throne) - “Otis”
Directed by Spike Jonze.

Flying Lotus - “Zodiac Shit”
Directed by Lilfuchs.

Manchester Orchestra - “Virgin”
Directed by Ben Disinger.

Girls - “Vomit”
Directed by Austin Rhodes.

Vivian Girls - “Take It As It Comes”
Directed by Travis Peterson.

Best Coast – “Our Deal”
Directed by Drew Barrymore.

Cults - “Go Outside”
Directed by Isaiah Seret.

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59 mins : 46 secs | 41.0 mb

Amusement Parks On Fire “Motown Ritual” ( filter us recordings )
Young Fight EP [ amazon ]
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No Age “You’re A Target” ( sub pop )
Losing Feeling EP [ amazon ]
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A Place To Bury Strangers [...]

MVs Collection #09 ( Sweet, Unabashed Nudity Within! ) NSFW

The Flaming Lips – “Watching The Planets”

A throng of hippie boys and girls in a forest, riding bicycles and or walking
around in the nude, while carrying around that famous giant plastic
bubble the Lips are so fond of with Wayne Coyne trapped inside. If you always
wanted to see Coyne’s dangling participle, your prayers i’ve been finally
answered. [...]