MVs Collection #19

Interpol - “Lights”

Got Milk?
This is a big ol’ WTF video starring 2 women in fetish-y clothing dressing another
woman who in the end, spews a mysterious white liquid out of her mouth  …
where am I going with this?
Directed by Charlie White. (Who also directed their 2004 video for the single “Evil”)
Their upcoming self-titled album comes out [...]

Videos: Shad @ Montreal Jazz Fest (06. 25. 2010)

With his trusted DJ Teelo and a bassist/keyboardist at his side, Shad conquered
the Montreal Jazz Fest last nite.
A setlist consisting of songs from his new and just short listed for the Polaris
Music Prize (2nd time in a row for Mr. Kabango) album “TSOL” and songs from
his previous LP “The Old Prince”.
Killer wordplay, amazing flow and [...]

MP3 : Autolux - “Supertoys”

( MP3 ) Autolux - “Supertoys”
Something new, song wise since the release on the interwebs of the
single “Audience No.2″ back in 2008, “Supertoys” has been a live staple
for awhile now and was performed on an episode of “From The Basement”,
the Sky Arts produced, Nigel Godrich created show featuring the band in 2007.
Nothing I haven’t heard [...]

Teenage Fanclub Tours North America. Power Pop Fans Rejoices.

To promote the release of their fine new album “Shadows”, The Fannies
will hit the road at the tail-end of September and do a few dates
all around the U.S. of A and my home and native land of Canada.
To say i’ve been waiting years (13 to be exact) to see them headline
a show and be super [...]

Trailer: Upside Down The Movie > The Story Of Creation Records

I’m a HUGE music documentary junkie.
Just looking at my TheBox download list will tell you that.
Something that recently caught my eye was this trailer for this new doc on
the history of one of the most famous independent UK label
Creation Records.
Creation were behind some of the biggest acts to come out of
the UK indie music scene [...]

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