2009 Osheaga Music Festival ( Lineup Announced )

I don’t know what it is about this blog and music festivals but …
Yesterday was all about All West Point and their lineup announcement,
today, It’s Osheaga’s turn and right off the bat, it’s miles ahead
better then last year’s lineup.
Also, this year’s edition will be a 4 day affair, July 30-31 in the city,
August 1-2 on [...]

2009 All Points West Music Festival ( Lineup Announced )

A week after being back from the insanity that was South By Southwest
(a wrapup with pix and videos will be online later this week) it made
me left thinking about my next music festival excursion(s).
In my neck of the woods, We have our own outdoor music festival Osheaga
happening this year from July 30th to August 2nd.
There’s [...]

SXSW: Scheduling Is Hard To Do

Soooo many bands and so many many choices.
Long hours went into compiling my SXSW schedule, suffered perhaps some mild
brain damage from all the hard choices I had to make.
It was brutal but I believe i got me a damn fine schedule. Worthy of my second visit to
the live music capital of the world.
A long, fun [...]

AGDFA 095 ( SXSW 2009 Edition )

90 mins : 06 secs | 62.1 mb

Superdrag “Everything’ll Be Made Alright” ( thirty tigers records )
Industry Giants [ insound | amazon ]
website | myspace | facebook

Sky Larkin “Beeline” ( wichita recordings )
The Golden Spike [ insound | amazon ]
website | myspace | facebook

Ume “The Conductor” ( independent release )
Sunshower [...]

MVs Collection #02 ( SXSW 2009 Edition )

I’ll be posting my annual SXSW podcast on Wednesday but here’s the thing …
had so many choices in what I wanted to feature for this year’s festivities
that I had to cut my playlist way the frak down.
So, why not use those that were left out and present them in a MVs Collection’s
Hence these picks of [...]

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