Beck’s Record Club: Yanni’s Live At The Acropolis

( Album ) Beck’s Record Club: Yanni’s Live At The Acropolis ( 2010 ) 01. Santorini 02. Keys To Imagination 03. Until The Last Moment 04. The Rain Must Fall 05. Acroyali/Standing In Motion 06. One Man’s Dream 07. Within Attraction 08. Nostalgia 09. Swept Away 10. Reflections Of Passion The fifth installment in Beck’s […]

Beck’s Record Club: Kick

Here it is: ( Album ) Beck’s Record Club: INXS’s Kick ( 2010 ) 01. Guns In The Sky 02. New Sensation 03. Devil Inside 04. Need You Tonight 05. Mediate 06. Loved One 07. Wild Life 08. Never Tear Us Apart 09. Mystify 10. Kick 11. Calling All Nations 12. Tiny Daggers The fourth […]

Beck’s Record Club: 4th Album Unveiled

INXS’s 1987 album “Kick”. It is their best-selling album, which sold more than 10 million copies in the U.S. alone and spawned four top 10 singles. Here’s what Beck had to say about this choice for their 4th entry in the club: Joining in this time we had three of my favorite bands — Liars, […]

Beck’s Record Club: Oar

Here it is: ( Album ) Beck’s Record Club: Skip Spence’s Oar ( 2009 ) 01. Little Hands 02. Cripple Creek 03. Diana 04. Margaret – Tiger Rug 05. Weighted Down 06. War In Peace 07. Broken Heart 08. All Come To Meet Her 09. Books Of Moses 10. Dixie Peach Promenade 11. Lawrence Of […]

Beck’s Record Club: Songs Of Leonard Cohen

The 2nd edition of Beck’s Record Club ended a few weeks back. Devendra Banhart, members of MGMT, Andrew from Wolfmother, Binki from Little Joy and Brian Lebarton and Bram Inscore from the first edition all joined Beck in the studio to record in one day, Leonard Cohen‘s 1968 debut album “Songs Of Leonard Cohen”. Which […]

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