Pop Montreal 2011: Day 5 Picks ( September 25th )

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Last day.
Knees are weak, feet hurting like a bitch from these last 4 days of standing up for
hours on end.
While you spend the first half of your lazy Sunday sleeping it off, you got all afternoon to do some record shopping @ the 3rd Annual Record Fair [...]

Pop Montreal 2010: Day 4 Picks

This weekend is all about seeing bands until you can’t stand on
your own two feet no more. Also, the sweet sweet Puce Pop Record Fair
going down in the Ukrainian Federation’s basement. For sale:
a boatload of CDs, Vinyls and other music paraphernalia.

Today & Sunday from 11am / 6pm. — > 5213 Hutchison.
Bring a good pair of [...]

Pop Montreal 2010: Day 3 Picks

Rain and grey skies once again on today’s menu but do not fret
fellow festival goers, the sun shall return in kind this weekend.
Timber Timbre @ Ukrainian Federation / 10pm [ ms ]
The show to see this evening is without a doubt Timber Timbre
@ the Ukrainian Federation.
The trio led by Taylor Kirk, a Torontonian by birth, [...]