SXSW 2011: The Videos

Posted on March 31, 2011 |

48 in all.

Took a whole week to sort them out and upload them on the Youtube.

Great footage from True Widow, Young Adults, new Friendly Fires songs from
their upcoming album “Pala” performed @ the Fader Fort.

The very short set (15 minutes) from The Vaccines @ the Filter Magazine day party which mark my words, them Brits gonna blow up BIG this year.

James Blake @ the Pitchfork showcase, Lanterns On The Lake, The Naked And Famous, Chapel Club in Waterloo Records parking lot … all these were my highlights for the 25th edition of South By.

Attending the Foo Fighters: Back & Forth movie premiere (but sadly not the
surprise show @ Stubb’s) and catching Scenes From The Suburbs, the Spike Jonze
directed, Arcade Fire short film (with the young cast in attendance) @ the Alamo
(my favorite movie theater on earth) kicked much ass.

One downside: WAY too many people. At least double in size from last year which
made it harder to get into shows at night. Seems next year I’ll have to finally
put down some dough for a wristband.

I was gonna do a post for each day those videos were shot but me thinks if I
did, I might lose it and tear out my short and curlys one by one so wanting to
keep those in place, you’re getting a MEGA post out of this.

Some videos do not have their song titles so if you happen to know them, leave said
info in the comment section.

SXSW 2012 only 355 days away.

March 15th ( Tuesday )

March 16th ( Wednesday )

March 17th ( Thursday )

March 18th ( Friday )

March 19th ( Saturday )

March 20th ( Sunday )

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