MVs Collection #94

Chapel Club – “Good Together” Directed by Oliver Murray. The Cribs – “Leather Jacket Love Song” Directed by Andy Knowles. Ty Segall – “Thank God For Sinners” Directed by Matt Yoka. Evil Nine Feat. Danny Brown – “The Black Brad Pitt” Widowspeak – “Locusts” Directed by Craig Brothers. Bookmark This :

AGDFA’s 2011 Year-End Comp Mix

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The 3rd go around for my massive year-end compilation. 53 songs! You’re getting 3 more songs then last year! Bringing compilation awesomeness to a Whole. New. Level! Revel in it’s greatness! AGDFA’s 2011 Year-End Comp Mix. 01. The Black Keys – “Lonely Boy” 02. Dinosaur Pile-Up – “Mona Lisa” 03. Foo Fighters […]

My Year-End Lists Of 2011

It was an OK year. Nothing more, nothing less. Timber Timbre and their album “Creep On Creepin’ On” was without a doubt, the album I’ve listened to and seen performed live the most all year. Taylor Kirk‘s dark, swampy sound speaks to me. As for the rest of my top 5, these albums will be […]

SXSW 2011: The Videos

48 in all. Took a whole week to sort them out and upload them on the Youtube. Great footage from True Widow, Young Adults, new Friendly Fires songs from their upcoming album “Pala” performed @ the Fader Fort. The very short set (15 minutes) from The Vaccines @ the Filter Magazine day party which mark […]

AGDFA 126 ( SXSW 2011 Edition )

98 mins : 13 secs | 67.4 mb Chapel Club “White Night Position” ( polydor ) Palace [ amazon ] website | myspace | facebook The Vaccines “Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)” ( columbia ) EP [ amazon ] website | myspace | facebook Shimmering Stars “I’m Gonna Try” ( independent release ) Shimmering Stars […]