AGDFA’s 2016 Year-End Comp Mix

2016 will go down as one of the shittiest and deadliest when it comes to our favorite music purveyors.

Regardless of those sad facts, it was a goddamn good year for music.

Here be, my annual compilation (stuck with the 65 songs format) that reflects my musical journey throughout those last 365 days.


Bonne Année!

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My Year-End Lists Of 2016

Any other year, Autolux’s “Pussy’s Dead” would have been my undisputed,
#1 album. But then, the unthinkable happened. A Tribe Called
Quest, which is fair to say, my favorite hip hop group of all
times and spaces, released their sixth studio album, their first in
18 years and their last with the late, great “Five Foot Assassin” Phife
Dawg [...]


98 mins : 37 secs | 45.2 mb

Radiohead “Daydreaming”
A Moon Shaped Pool [ amazon ]
( xl recordings )
website | twitter | facebook

The Lees Of Memory “XLii”
Unnecessary Evil [ amazon ]
( john davis brand music )
website | twitter | facebook

Dinosaur Jr. “Tiny”
Give A Glimpse Of What Yur Not [ amazon ]
( jagjaguwar )
website [...]

MVs Collection #101

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - “Sacrilege”
Directed by Megaforce.

Sayknowledge - “Heem!”
Directed by (N/A).

The Sky Drops - “Let It Sound”
Directed by Monika Bullette.

Gliss - “Blur”
Directed by Claudia Crobatia.

The Soft Moon - “Want” (NSFW)
Directed by Grant Singer.

James Blake - “Overgrown”
Directed by Nabil.

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2011 Mercury Prize Nominations Announced

2 days ago in London, the shortlist for the 20th edition of the
Barclaycard Mercury Prize Album of the Year was announced.

The list:

Adele – 21

Anna Calvi – Anna Calvi

Elbow – Build A Rocket Boys!

Everything Everything – Man Alive

Ghostpoet – Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam

Gwilym Simcock – Good Days At Schloss Elmau

James Blake – James Blake

Katy [...]

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