Giant Drag Swan Song EP (Finally) Out Today! + MP3

Giant Drag
Swan Song EP
February 16, 2010
Roar Scratch
1. Swan Song
2. Stuff To Live For
3. White Baby
4. Heart Carl
Official Website
Having blogged about this 6 months ago, I’m happy to say there’s
finally a new Giant Drag release spewed forth into the world.
These tracks i’ve been in the works for years. Nice to hear the
studio version of these songs [...]

MP3 : Jon Auer Covering Holiday Classic “Let It Snow”

Got a lil’ Christmas treat for y’all.
In between being a Posies, a Big Star member, a record producer
extraordinaire, solo artist and a swell Haberdasher, Jon Auer
took the time to record (for my blog no less)  his own
unique, beautifully rendered if somewhat dark-ish acoustic
version of the holiday classic “Let It Snow!”.
All knowing Wiki tells me that [...]

MP3 : Pocketknife - “Feels”

Official Website
A threesome out of Brooklyn (yeah yeah I know, another one) but it’s
a pretty damn good threesome that shows great promise so I tought I
would introduce you to Pocketknife.
Jazzy guitars that’ll suit modern indie fanatics and classic Top 40
lovers all in the same chorus. Dare I say they almost have a Grizzly
Bear-ish quality to [...]

Hope Sandoval Breaks Her Silence. Releases New Album.

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions
Through The Devil Slowly
September 29, 2009
01. Blanchard
02. Wild Roses
03. For The Rest Of Your Life
04. Lady Jessica And Sam
05. Sets The Blaze
06. Thinking Like That
07. There’s A Willow
08. Trouble
09. Fall Aside
10. Blue Bird
11. Satellite
Official Website
Here’s something I never thought I’d blog about … a new Hope Sandoval
That’s [...]

Post-Rockers Caspian Back With New Album

August 11, 2009
Mylene Sheath Records
1. Mie
2. La Cerva
3. Ghost of the Garden City
4. Malacoda
5. Epochs in DMaj
6. Of Foam and Wave
7. Concrescence
8. The Raven
9. Vienna
10. Sycamore
Official Website

Post-rock enthusists Caspian are back with the release of their 2nd album
titled “Tertia” which comes out August 7 in all of Europe and 4 days
later here in North [...]

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