Hope Sandoval Breaks Her Silence. Releases New Album.

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Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions
Through The Devil Slowly
September 29, 2009


01. Blanchard
02. Wild Roses
03. For The Rest Of Your Life
04. Lady Jessica And Sam
05. Sets The Blaze
06. Thinking Like That
07. There’s A Willow
08. Trouble
09. Fall Aside
10. Blue Bird
11. Satellite

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Here’s something I never thought I’d blog about … a new Hope Sandoval

That’s right kids! and it only took her 8 years to make it happen.

She’s either a total perfectionists (hence the long wait) or she’s
a hardcore slacker which would make us kindred spirits.

But mostly according to this Rolling Stone write-up about the new
album, she’s got no concept of time: “I don’t really notice the
time,” says Sandoval coyly. “We don’t keep track of the days and
months. And the years.”

This new album is with her band The Warm Inventions which includes
Colm Ó Cíosóig, drummer and a founding member of My Bloody Valentine,
who co-wrote and produced the album with Hope much like they did with
their very much underrated 2001 debut album “Bavarian Fruit Bread”.

The Warm Inventions will hit the road this fall, doing a few shows
here and in Europe. Hope is well known for being a notoriously shy
performer onstage so for her to hit the road like that, it’s an
event no to be missed.

The first single “Blanchard” will be released August 4th.

( MP3 ) Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – “Blanchard”

You can pre-order it on Amazon.

She’ll also appear as a guest vocalist on the new Massive Attack
record tentatively titled “Weather Underground” coming out in October.

But the biggest news of all from that RS article is that Mazzy Star
is working on a new album. Their last release was 1996’s “Among My Swan”
but they’re mostly known for their classic 1993 album “So Tonight That I
Might See”
which featured dream pop/slowcore gems like “Fade Into You”
and my all-time favorite “Into Dust”.

“It’s true we’re still together,” she says. “We’re almost finished
[with the record]. But I have no idea what that means.”

Let’s hope she and her Mazzy Star partner David Roback figures it out.

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – “Suzanne”

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