New Tron: Legacy Trailer Feat. Daft Punk Music

Posted on October 26, 2010 |

It’s pretty well known by now that Daft Punk did their first film scoring work for
Tron: Legacy coming out in a theater near you December 17th.

The track “Derrezed” is the first composition heard in it’s entirety and is used to score this new kickass trailer.

I will be lucky enough to attend an event this Thursday at my local IMAX theater
where 20 minutes of the movie will be shown.


I am that much of a dork.

But still, i’ve been dying to see this thing since the first images came out
in 2008 so you will pardon me if I geek the F out has I watch said footage
with my fellow Tron nerds in 2 days.

In the meantime, enjoy this new trailer and try to spot the quick or you’ll
miss them cameo of the french electro duo DJ’ing an event in zee Tron world.

Soundtrack will be released on December 7th.

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