Tron: Legacy : Daft Punk “Derezzed” Music Video

I’ve been waiting 2 years to see this and the IMAX 3-D preview I witnessed 6 weeks ago made me want to see it even more and now that we’re only 8 days away, gotta say I’m über psyched.
The Tron: Legacy soundtrack was released this week and Disney, in their infinite wisdom, released a music [...]

New Tron: Legacy Trailer Feat. Daft Punk Music

It’s pretty well known by now that Daft Punk did their first film scoring work for
Tron: Legacy coming out in a theater near you December 17th.
The track “Derrezed” is the first composition heard in it’s entirety and is used to score this new kickass trailer.
I will be lucky enough to attend an event this Thursday [...]

Tron: Legacy Trailer

How fucking outstanding is this?

Seeing this trailer 3D IMAX style last night gave me a HUGE nerd boner.
French electro duo Daft Punk wrote the score. I mean how perfect
is that?
December 17, 2010.
Flynn Lives.
To refresh your memory:

CGI sure has come a long way.

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