Autolux “Transit Transit” Tracklist + Thom Yorke Show

Posted on March 9, 2010 |

I said I would report on any and all news concerning the new Autolux

We’re not quite there yet when it comes to a release date (big shocker)
but we do now have an official tracklist:

And the record labels it shall be released on which are TBD Records
(Radiohead’s label) for the U.S./Japan markets and for the UK/
rest of the world
ATP Recordings.

This could come out next week or a year from now. It’s been 6 years
since their debut. What’s a few more years … I kid Autolux because
I love but common! pull the trigger on this already.

From this tracklist, seems half of them I have yet to hear.

“Census”, “Highchair”, “Spots”, “The Bouncing Walls” and “Kissproof”.

Altough some of these might be the untitled songs that
were included in their recent live show setlists.

Sad to see that one of my favorite live staples “Reappearing”
did not make the cut. Perhaps a future B-side?

As for live shows, they’ve been handpicked by Thom Yorke
to open for his Atoms For Peace show April 17 at the
Santa Barbara Bowl in Santa Barbara, CA.

Sweetest. Double bill. Ever!

Tickets can be purchased right here.

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