Autolux 7″ Single The Bouncing Wall / Census Out December 6th

Time for a new release.
They’ve been so prolific as of late (by Autolux standards) trust me you won’t
hear me complain.
A new 7″ vinyl/digital release for the double A-side single “The Bouncing Wall” / “Census”.

1. The Bouncing Wall
2. Census
3. 23 Watt Apple Juice (B-side)
4. Kissproof (Remix By Bobby Evans)
5. Black Leaves (Kill Pixie Art Installation Mix)


Autolux “Transit Transit” Tracklist + Thom Yorke Show

I said I would report on any and all news concerning the new Autolux
We’re not quite there yet when it comes to a release date (big shocker)
but we do now have an official tracklist:

And the record labels it shall be released on which are TBD Records
(Radiohead’s label) for the U.S./Japan markets and for the UK/
rest [...]