Soulwax Will Never Die

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The Dewaele brothers.

Stephen (singer) and David (guitarist).

Belgians by birth but now, citizens of the world.

Started their music careers back in 1996 with Soulwax, IMHO the best
electro-rock band working it today.

They have 3 albums to their name: Leave The Story Untold (1996), Much
Against Everyone’s Advice (1998)
and my favorite in the bunch, Any Minute
Now (2004)
and it’s remix album Nite Versions (2005).

In 2003, they released the landmark mash-ups album “As Heard on Radio
Soulwax Pt. 2”
, 30 tracks of mash-up insanity, melding artists together as
diverse as The Stooges with Salt N’ Pepa to mixing Destiny’s Child
with 10cc … etc.

Thus the 2ManyDJ’s moniker was born.

They’re also quite in demand as remixers.

they’ve remixed everybody from Basement Jaxx to Muse, Kyle Minogue,
Tahiti 80, Ladytron, DJ Shadow, Daft Punk, Justice, Hot Chip,
Einstürzende Neubauten
… the list goes on and on.

Last Fall, they released a concert documentary titled “Part Of The
Weekend Never Dies”
. It was shot during the summer of 2006 with only
one camera, filmed 120 shows in Europe, Japan, North America, Latin
America and Australia.
The tour consisted of them opening as Soulwax
and closing out the night with a 2ManyDJ’s set.

It’s the usual rock doc with behind the scenes footage of the brothers
hanging out, a snippet of life on the road, interviews with their peers:
Peaches, Tiga, justice, LCD Soundsystem’s James murphy & Nancy Whang,
Klaxons, Digitalism
and a naked guy off the streets.

Add to that live footage of audience’s enthralled by the Dewaele‘s knob
twiddling abilities and you got a 70 minutes infomercial on how awesome
they are.

I had the pleasure of attending a set of theirs on that summer of ’06
tour and they had me busting out my uncoordinated white boy moves on the
dance floor (which is quite the feat), they pretty much had everyone in
the palm of ther hands.

Part Of The Weekend Never Dies ( Trailer )

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What are they up to now?

A new Soulwax and 2ManyDJ’s albums are in the works, still taking their
DJ skills on the road, they were in Swindon, England this weekend for the
BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend festival.

Their entire set was posted online:

2ManyDj’s live from BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend – May 8, 2009

The setlist for this performance was posted here.

Lastly, they are set to launch their own online radio station at the end of the month.

Check out their Myspace page for their many many upcoming live performances.

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