Osheaga 2009: The Recap

45 000 people. That’s how many showed up for this year’s festivities. Readily beating the 28 000 that showed up last year. Coldplay had a lot to do with this number obviously and it’s probably because of them that we may see another edition next year but I’d like to think the rest of the […]

AGDFA 102 ( Osheaga 2009 Edition )

60 mins : 20 secs | 41.4 mb Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Kiss, Kiss” ( interscope ) Is Is EP [ amazon ] website | myspace | facebook Vampire Weekend “Ladies Of Cambridge” ( xl recordings ) Mansard Roof (Single) [ amazon ] website | myspace | facebook Amazing Baby “Smoke Bros” ( shangri-la music ) […]

Osheaga 2009: The Schedule

The peeps at Osheaga finally revealed the schedule with the band line-up for each days and set times. Surprisingly, I only have one conflict on my schedule for the whole weekend and that’s between The Roots and Lykke Li but really, The Roots got the upper hand on this one. As the Osheaga organizers likes […]

Osheaga 2009: Yeah Yeah Yeahs Added to The Lineup

Osheaga organizers aren’t f’ing around. This year’s edition is believed to be a make or brake situation for the festival and if this year’s attendance is not up to their desired number it could be all done for and we would have only ourselves to blame. I believe this year’s lineup matches up quite well […]

Soulwax Will Never Die

Official Website Myspace Facebook Twitter The Dewaele brothers. Stephen (singer) and David (guitarist). Belgians by birth but now, citizens of the world. Started their music careers back in 1996 with Soulwax, IMHO the best electro-rock band working it today. They have 3 albums to their name: Leave The Story Untold (1996), Much Against Everyone’s Advice […]