AGDFA’s 2011 Year-End Comp Mix

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The 3rd go around for my massive year-end compilation. 53 songs! You’re getting 3 more songs then last year! Bringing compilation awesomeness to a Whole. New. Level! Revel in it’s greatness! AGDFA’s 2011 Year-End Comp Mix. 01. The Black Keys – “Lonely Boy” 02. Dinosaur Pile-Up – “Mona Lisa” 03. Foo Fighters […]


83 mins : 22 secs | 47.7 mb Friendly Fires “Hawaiian Air” ( xl recordings ) Pala [ amazon ] website | myspace | facebook Digitalism “2 Hearts” ( co-operative music ) I Love You, Dude [ amazon ] website | myspace | facebook The New Division “Bucharest” ( independent release ) The Rookie [ […]

MVs Collection #34

Friendly Fires – “Hawaiian Air” Directed by Chris Cottam. Digitalism – “2 Hearts” Directed by White Rabbit. Def Sound – “(A)Gain” Directed by Adam Tillman-Young. Panda Bear – “Alsatian Darn” Directed by Ara Peterson. Buffalo Tom – “Guilty Girls” Directed by Buffalo Tom. Florence + The Machine – “Not Fade Away” (Buddy Holly Cover) Directed […]

Soulwax Will Never Die

Official Website Myspace Facebook Twitter The Dewaele brothers. Stephen (singer) and David (guitarist). Belgians by birth but now, citizens of the world. Started their music careers back in 1996 with Soulwax, IMHO the best electro-rock band working it today. They have 3 albums to their name: Leave The Story Untold (1996), Much Against Everyone’s Advice […]