Videos: Arcade Fire @ Théâtre Granada (06. 07. 2010)

The Suburbs
Ready To Start (New Song)
Keep The Car Running
We Used To Wait (New Song)
No Cars Go
Rococo (New Song)
Empty Room (New Song)
Modern Man (New Song)
Power Out
Encore 1:
Month Of May
Encore 2:
Wake Up (Acoustic)
Last night was the first official show from the AF crew dans La Belle Province
in 3 years (not counting the private show @ the Notman [...]

SXSW 2010: The Pictures

( Flickr ) South By Southwest / Austin, Texas / March 15-22, 2010 ( Flickr )
Took me a little bit longer than I would’ve liked but I finally went trough
all the pix I took at SXSW and here’s what I believe to be the best
ones in the bunch.
The list of artists/bands I was fortunate enough [...]

Photos: The Veils @ La Sala Rossa (07. 28. 2009)

The Veils / Foreign Born @ La Sala Rossa ( 07. 28. 2009 )

To kick off the Osheaga festivities, a few shows were set up in
venues around town under the Osheaga “In The City” banner to get
us in the mood for the big blowout this weekend.
First up on the schedule was New Zealand’s The Veils [...]

Photos: Doves @ Le National (06. 02. 2009)

Doves / Wild Light @ Le National ( 06. 02. 2009 )
2 hours of pure brit rock goodness. Even a wayward coachroach spotted onstage
by frontman Jimi Goodwin seemed to be enjoying itself.
Winter Hill
Almost Forgot Myself
The Greatest Denier
Kingdom Of Rust
Black And White Town
The Outsiders
Caught By The River
Here It Comes
The Last Broadcast
There Goes The Fear

Posted two excerpts [...]

Photos: A Camp @ Club Lambi (05. 31. 2009)

A Camp / Gentleman Reg @ La Tulipe ( 05. 31. 2009 )

My picture taking abilities were failing me last night.
Those were the best pix in the bunch. I guess I was more into
watching the show than actually taking photographic evidence of
it happening.
Oh well … I’ll try and do a better job tomorrow night @ [...]