Videos: Arcade Fire @ Théâtre Granada (06. 07. 2010)

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The Suburbs
Ready To Start (New Song)
Keep The Car Running
We Used To Wait (New Song)
No Cars Go
Rococo (New Song)
Empty Room (New Song)
Modern Man (New Song)
Power Out

Encore 1:

Month Of May

Encore 2:

Wake Up (Acoustic)

Last night was the first official show from the AF crew dans La Belle Province
in 3 years (not counting the private show @ the Notman House last Friday) and
it was a doozy.

No big theatrics to which we’ve been accustomed to, just a bareboned, straight
up rock n’ roll hootenanny of a show. Testing out new songs infront of a
crowd that’s already in their pockets.

Close to 90 minutes of pure music bliss.

5 new songs performed in all and a wicked acoustic version of “Power Out”
closed out the night.

Much will be written about this night but for now, I just wanna share
the few pix and videos I took.

Security was VERY present during the night so all of this footage had to
be shot very sneakily. With the way I had to hide the camera from view,
it’s why you’ll mostly see the top of Win’s head and not a full
shot of the stage.

Surely someone will get better footage as the tour goes on but for now,
my guess is you just wanna hear some of the new songs.

Happy to oblige:

Arcade Fire - “Empty Room”

Arcade Fire - “Rococo”

Arcade Fire - “Ready To Start”

Arcade Fire - “We Used To Wait”

Arcade Fire - “Wake Up” (Acoustic)

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