Failure: The Tree Of Stars North American 2014 Tour

Haven’t written an honest to goodness blog post in awhile but if anybody can get me out of retirement, the band Failure are it.

I always felt and I’m sure most of their fans think this way too that they were one of the best kept secret of the 90’s alternative music scene.

A band’s band as [...]

Videos: Biffy Clyro @ La Sala Rossa (02. 15. 2011)

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Only took 9 years to get a headlining show out of Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro
and it finally happened last night @ La Sala Rossa.
Packed to the hilt, the place turned into a sweatbox right quick. No one was
immuned except for bassist James Johnston who (why I noticed this I [...]

Autolux “Transit Transit” Artwork + New North American Tour

Transit Transit
August 3, 2010
TBD Records
01. Transit Transit
02. Census
03. Highchair
04. Supertoys
05. Spots
06. The Bouncing Wall
07. Audience No. 2
08. Kissproof
09. Headless Sky
10. The Science Of Imaginary Solutions
Official Website

Yesterday, I blogged about Greg Edwards’s previous band Failure.
An amazing, very much under-appreciated band from the 90’s y’all
should get to know and love.
Today, it’s Autolux’s turn.
After years and years [...]

The Joy Formidable / Green Room / May 5th

Official Website
Welshians by birth but now London-based, rock threesome The Joy Formidable
will hit our shores this coming May to promote their self-produced first EP
(or is it mini-album?) “A Balloon Called Moaning”, set to be released
through Passion Pit’s Ayad Al Adhamy new label Black Bell on May 4th.
I discovered them thanks to their very catchy debut [...]