Failure: The Tree Of Stars North American 2014 Tour

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Haven’t written an honest to goodness blog post in awhile but if anybody can get me out of retirement, the band Failure are it.

I always felt and I’m sure most of their fans think this way too that they were one of the best kept secret of the 90’s alternative music scene.

A band’s band as they would be called, singer-songwriter Ken Andrews,
songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Greg Edwards and Kelli Scott on drums being the core trio.

Their debut “Comfort” came out in 1992, followed by “Magnified” in 1994 but their last, and truly great album, 1996’s “Fantastic Planet” is nothing short of a masterpiece in atmospheric, fuzzed out art rock. I referred it as the “Dark Side Of The Moon” for the Lollapalooza generation in a 2010 post on it’s vinyl re-issue.

I, sadly, discovered them too late and did not get a chance to see them live. They split right after the 1997 (aformentioned) Lollapalooza tour.

There was 2 bands on my “I must see live before I die” list. Soundgarden (which I got to see back in 2012 and will again on their upcoming Summer tour) and Failure.

So when it was announced that they were getting back together last November, doing a reunion show in their hometown of Los Angeles 3 months later, performing “Fantastic Planet” in it’s entirety no less, a joyous fist pump may have occured infront of my computer screen.

The show went well, the entire thing ended up being filmed by many fans
(check out the YouTubes for it), jazzed me up even more for a full on tour.

They even gave a out a limited copy (250) of a 7″ titled “Solaris/Shrine” to fans attending the show and new songs are said to be in the works. More shows were played when they were added to the Tool West Coast jaunt back in March.

The moment of truth happened on April 7th when they announced on their Facebook page the Tree of Stars North American 2014 Tour.

May 10th to June 19th.

27 shows, 22 cities.

The only Canadian stop included being (ofc) Toronto with 2 shows. No opening bands, it’s a straight up Failure show all around.

I got my ticket for the May 29th show @ Irving Plaza in New York City.

I believe a few tickets are left, do yourself a favor and buy some.

Keep being updated on their shenanigans through their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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