Photos: Telekinesis @ Mercury Lounge - NYC (06. 14. 2009)

Telekinesis / Solid Gold / Fol Chen / An Horse @ Mercury Lounge ( 06. 14. 2009 )

Last day in New York was pretty much spent in Central Park tough a
good chunk of it was closed due to the Puerto Rican Day Parade.
Damn them! and their pride! (I kid of course).
Then on to the required [...]

MVs Collection #05

Wanted to do a special ‘lil edition of MVs collection to coincide with my
weekend trip to NYC. 3/4 of which I’ll see on stage, rockin’ their hearts out.
The Posies - “Definite Door”

A no frills video with excerpts of live performances mixed with the guys just
walking around one assumes the many cities they’ve encountered on that [...]