MVs Collection #05

Posted on June 7, 2009 |

Wanted to do a special ‘lil edition of MVs collection to coincide with my
weekend trip to NYC. 3/4 of which I’ll see on stage, rockin’ their hearts out.

The Posies - “Definite Door”

A no frills video with excerpts of live performances mixed with the guys just
walking around one assumes the many cities they’ve encountered on that tour.

The Bell House - June 12th @ 8pm and the 13th, The Gramercy Theatre
also @ 8pm. ‘Nuff said.

Miho Hatori - “Barracuda”

An animated Miho, sailing alone in a tiny wooden boat down a gnarly
hellscape with skeletons bustin’ out some sweet dance moves and plants
coming to life. Directed by Ishiura Masura.

Miho’s solo career as been pretty quiet since the release of her fine debut
album 2005’s “Ecdysis”. Songs have been written and possibly recorded for a
2nd album which will be performed for the first time at the Glasslands Gallery,
June 11th @ 11pm - part of an event for the Northside Festival and on the
12th @ The Stone, which goes down at 8pm.

Ida Maria - “Oh My God”

Another performance video from Ida Maria and her boys this time in very close
quarters with quick/jerky cuts throughout.

Ida and her special brand of Norwegian rock will be @ The Bell House,
June 14th @ 8pm.

Telekinesis - “Tokyo”

Telekinesis (aka Michael Benjaman Lerner) walking/driving around his neck of
the woods (Seattle) experiencing Tokyo in his own special ways.
Directed by Dianna Potter.

As I mentioned in this week’s podcast, he’s got a tour stop in Montreal
This Thursday, June 11th @ La Sala Rossa - show starts @ 9pm. Then on
to NYC playing @ Union Hall in Brooklyn June 13th @ 8pm and the next day,
@ the Mercury Lounge, also @ 8pm.

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