Pop Montreal 2011: Day 2 Picks ( September 22nd )

Posted on September 20, 2011 |

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Day 2 of Pop Montreal is all about Arcade Fire and what comes after.

To celebrate and give a big thank you to this city we all know and love, Pop and the Arcade Fire crew decided to go all out and throw a shinding downtown @ la Place Des Festivals.

I’d say we’re getting a pretty good deal here.

3 local acts, 2 of which just won the Polaris Prize back-to-back (AF last night and last year’s winners Karkwa) and a world renowned DJ (Kid Koala) to ge the party started.

Here’s what you need to know:

Set times:

7:00 PM : Kid Koala
7:45 PM : Karkwa
9:00 PM : Arcade Fire

* The site opens up at noon. Show up early if you want a good spot.
* If you can’t make it, the show will be broadcast live by SiriusXM Canada.
* To know what you can and can’t bring on site, click here.
* Dubé Brothers will be busking for Kanpe and you can give donations to the AF    approved charity.

Arcade Fire / Karkwa / Kid Koala @ Place Des Festivals / 7pm

If somehow you still have some strength left after the show and you managed to get out quickly from this giant clusterfuck of people that will try to get back home from the site, here’s 2 more bands worth checking out:

Mood Rings @ Royal Phoenix / 10pm

Some sweet lo-fi shoegaze/psychedelic pop from this Atlanta foursome. If you dig bands like The Asteroid No. 4, The Morning After Girls and The Warlocks has much as I do, give these blokes a chance. You can download their EP “Sweater Weather Forever” right here. [ Bandcamp ] ( 5788 Saint-Laurent )

USA Out Of Vietnam @ Bain Mathieu / 12:30am

This is the new drone/doom and gloom rock project from local legend (yeah I said it) and
Mirror columnist Johnson Cummins. His 2 previous bands, Bionic who released a killer
album in their 1998 Self-Titled debut and of course guitarist in the recently reunited, 90s Grunge overlords Doughboys brings the heavyness and his luscious red beard to the
Pop masses. [ MySpace ]
( 2915 Ontario E )

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