MVs Collection #20

Posted on July 17, 2010 |

Ok Go - “End Love”

A very colorful day spent in a park.

Directed By OK Go, Eric Gunther & Jeff Lieberman.

A stop motion / timelapse video, their whole routine/choreography took 21
to shoot, all in one glorious take from start to finish.

You can read an interview @ Spinner with the band about the process of making this video.

This song is taken from their latest album “Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky”.

Nada Surf - “Electrocution”

Nada Surf going through the Four Seasons in a visually arresting manner.

Directed by Eli Stonberg.

“Electrocution” was first written and performed by Bill Fox, former lead
singer and guitarist of Cleveland Garage Pop band The Mice.

Their new release, a covers album titled “if I had a hi-fi” is out now.

Two Hours Traffic - “Noisemaker”

A brightly colored, animated / performance video of this girl’s journey
to see the band in the big city.

Directed by Richie Mitchell and Adrian Carter.

This melodious slice of power pop goodness is the opening track from last
year’s criminally overlooked album “Territory”.

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