MVs Collection #117

Oneohtrix Point Never - “Problem Areas”
Directed by Takeshi Murata.

Quasimoto - “Catchin’ The Vibe”
Directed by  Tuomas Vauhkonen & Jeremias Nieminen.

Sky Larkin - “Loom”
Directed by Ashley Connor.

Two Hours Traffic - “Magic”
Directed by Sean Wainsteim.

Ours - “Devil”
Directed by Michael Maxxis.

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MVs Collection #95

How To Destroy Angels - “How Long?”
Directed by Shynola.

Cursed Arrows - “Little Girl Blue (Southern Souls)”
Directed by Mitch Fillion.

Yo La Tengo - “I’ll Be Around”
Directed by Phil Morrison.

Popstrangers - “What Else Could They Do?”
Directed by Luke Mcpake.

Two Hours Traffic - “Amour Than Amis”
Directed by Maya Bankovic & Nadia Tan.

Ken Stringfellow - “Doesn’t It Remind [...]

MVs Collection #20

Ok Go - “End Love”

A very colorful day spent in a park.
Directed By OK Go, Eric Gunther & Jeff Lieberman.
A stop motion / timelapse video, their whole routine/choreography took 21
hours to shoot, all in one glorious take from start to finish.
You can read an interview @ Spinner with the band about the process of making [...]

AGDFA’s 2009 Year-End Comp Mix

Happy New Year.
First great music news of said new year? Soundgarden reunion
is a go! How f’ing crazy is that?
I guess Chris Cornell finally came to his senses. Maybe his
shitty Timbaland produced R&B album, which bombed horribly,
was the last straw or this is just a reunion tour cash grab.
We shall see.
I’m pretty pumped tough. I finally [...]


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Jack Peñate “Every Glance” ( xl recordings )
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The Big Pink “Frisk” ( 4ad )
A Brief History Of Love [ amazon ]
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The Sky Drops “Truth Is” ( fridabear records [...]