MVs Collection #13 ( SXSW 2010 )

I loves me the Power Pop. I try to catch as many bands as I possibly
can while I’m @ SXSW.
There will be this huge outdoor show @ Auditorium Shores Stage with
90’s alt rock bands Cracker, The Bodeans (remember that Party Of
Five theme song?) and legends of the genre … Cheap Trick.
This goes down Friday, March [...]

SXSW: 2010 Levi’s Fader Fort Party

The other BIG day party @ SXSW is the much coveted Fader Fort party.
This year’s lineup should be released shortly.
The RSVP page just went online so ACT NOW and sign up.

Update ( 03 . 12. 10 )
Full schedule announced:

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Beck’s Record Club: Oar

Here it is:
( Album ) Beck’s Record Club: Skip Spence’s Oar ( 2009 )
01. Little Hands
02. Cripple Creek
03. Diana
04. Margaret - Tiger Rug
05. Weighted Down
06. War In Peace
07. Broken Heart
08. All Come To Meet Her
09. Books Of Moses
10. Dixie Peach Promenade
11. Lawrence Of Euphoria
12. Grey/Afro
The third installment in Beck’s Record club.
This is what [...]

Tron: Legacy Trailer

How fucking outstanding is this?

Seeing this trailer 3D IMAX style last night gave me a HUGE nerd boner.
French electro duo Daft Punk wrote the score. I mean how perfect
is that?
December 17, 2010.
Flynn Lives.
To refresh your memory:

CGI sure has come a long way.

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Autolux “Transit Transit” Tracklist + Thom Yorke Show

I said I would report on any and all news concerning the new Autolux
We’re not quite there yet when it comes to a release date (big shocker)
but we do now have an official tracklist:

And the record labels it shall be released on which are TBD Records
(Radiohead’s label) for the U.S./Japan markets and for the UK/
rest [...]

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