SXSW: 2010 Full Schedule Online

Posted on February 17, 2010 |

Well … here it is:

By Day And Venue


A-Z Schedule

1800+ bands/artists all vying for your attention during the best
music festival on this big blue ball we call Earth.

Bands that already have my attention:

Autolux, Bear In Heaven, BRMC, GZA, Hurricane Bells, Jimmy Gnecco,
School Of Seven Bells,  The Walkmen, The Whigs, Butterfly
Explosion, Ume, We Were Promised Jetpacks, The Invisible, The 88,
She & Him, Kashmir, Band Of Horses, Broken Social Scene, Eisley,
True Widow, Minipop, Tanya Morgan, Rival Schools, Big Star … and
many many more.

Hopefully, someone will format a straight up A-Z band list and if
I do find one, I’ll update this post with said list.

Of course, alot of changes will occur before the festivities begins.
Bands will inevitably drop out or days/times/venues will change so
always check back for updates.

Keep checking back here aswell for many more SXSW related posts,
previewing some of the bands/artists attending this year’s shinding
which goes down March 17-21.

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