SXSW 2013: ( Unofficial ) Music Torrent

Official Website

Earlier this week, the full schedule went live:

Days, times and venues for all the night showcases on and around 6th Street
are all there to be perused at your discretion.

Which brings me to the awesomeness that is the (unofficial) SXSW torrent which
some ingenious fella puts together and has been sharing with us for the past
8 [...]

CMJ Music Marathon 2011: Full Schedule Is Up

Official Website

It’s HERE people.

The A to Z band lineup is still here aswell.

CMJ using again this year the Sched*app, where it’s all very easy to use and
very customizable.

New York, I’ll see you in a week.

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Pop Montreal 2011: The Full Schedule

Official Website | Myspace | Facebook | Twitter

Behold greatness!

Leafing through the printed program, these stood out and will
most likely be the shows you shall see me at:

Wednesday, September 21st
08:00 PM : Aim Low @ Il Motore
09:45 PM : Arcade Fire @ Metropolis ( sold out! and needs the hookup for tix! )
10:30 PM : [...]

SXSW: 2011 Full Schedule Online

Browse by:
Artists / Bands | Venues
1900+ acts SXSW posted on their website yesterday.
Going through the entire list, here’s a few picks that grabbed my and hopefully will grab your attention aswell:
Army Navy
Friendly Fires
Jimmy Gnecco
Now, Now Every Children
Pete And The Pirates
Retribution Gospel Choir
Tahiti 80
The Bees
The Black Angels
The Boxer Rebellion
The Burning Hotels
The Kills
Ty Segall
Shoegaze / Dream Pop [...]

CMJ Music Marathon 2010 ( The Full Schedule )

Official Website
One of my biggest pleasure when Fall comes a knockin’ is not the slow
descent into cold weather or when everything seems to be turning into the
color grey when all the leaves dies out, it’s the return of the CMJ
Music Marathon, the last BIG music festival of the year where college
music is [...]

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