Review: Florence + The Machine @ Cabaret (11. 01. 2009)

Posted on November 2, 2009 |

Londoner Florence Welsh came to town for the first time last nite
@ the Cabaret Music Hall and bewitched us all.

She came to perform her critically praised and well deserved 2009
Mercury Prize nominated debut album “Lungs”.

Backed by a full band (with a big ass Harp in tow) she was just a
big ball of exuberance. She seemed like she had the time of her
life onstage. Also, that forceful voice of hers packed quite the
wallop. The hairs in the back of my neck were at full attention
during the entire 70 minutes set.

Most if not all of the album was performed with a b-side
thrown in for good measure.

Here’s a video of her spirited rendition of “Dog Day’s Are Over”
where she got the crowd to jump around like mad at it’s crescendo. She had
us all in the palm of her hands.

Florence + The Machine - “Dog Days Are Over”

She’ll be back next year (March 2010) for another trek around
North America.

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