Reminder: Teenage Fanclub @ Cabaret JPR / September 24th

I would wager this to be the Power Pop (or melodious rock) event of the year
in the 514 area code, The Fannies back in Montreal after a 13 years absence
to promote their 9th studio album “Shadows”. Still going strong after 20 years,
which all started with their critically hailed debut 1991’s “Bandwagonesque”.
Opening for them will be [...]

Review: Florence + The Machine @ Cabaret (11. 01. 2009)

Londoner Florence Welsh came to town for the first time last nite
@ the Cabaret Music Hall and bewitched us all.
She came to perform her critically praised and well deserved 2009
Mercury Prize nominated debut album “Lungs”.
Backed by a full band (with a big ass Harp in tow) she was just a
big ball of exuberance. She seemed [...]

MVs Collection #07

St. Vincent - “Actor Out Of Work”

St. Vincent (a.k.a. Annie Clark) sitting in a big, empty hangar, actors all
lined up to audition for her. She stares them down one by one as they cry
into submission. Directed by Terri Timely.
Miss Clark will be in town August 7th playing @ La Sala Rossa.

Emiliana Torrini - “Jungle Drum”

A [...]