SPC ECO’s “3-D” Gets “Physical” This Week

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April 21, 2009
Noiseplus Music


1. For All Time
2. Shine On Down
3. Telling You
4. See You Soon
5. Find It All
6. Another Day
7. Special
8. You’re Alright
9. Better That Way
10. Something Anything
11. Don’t Know Ever
12. Telling You (ELO RUB Mix)
13. Shine On Down (Overnight Mix)
14. Spotlight (Bonus Track)

Official Website

This is Dean Garcia’s new project, the mastermind behind 90’s electro/shoegaze
band Curve with the help of his daughter Rose Berlin on vocals and
Joey Levenson on guitar duties.

I’ve already blogged about SPC ECO (pronounced “Space Echo”) last fall for
muchmusic.com so no need to rehash what’s already been said but just to
add that I have yet to tired of this debut album and look for it to be very
high on my 2009 year-end album list if not having the number one spot outright.

This post is about the SPC ECO crew FINALLY having distributors all around
the world to release this gem of an album in CD form.

Only available as a digital download on their website since January, The U.S. label
Noiseplus Music has taken on the task of unleashing 3-D on the north american
market this week.

Same tracklist as the digital release + a bonus track titled “Spotlight” specific
only for this release.

The Electric Label will be the ones releasing the album for the U.K. / Europe
market. A release date will be announced shortly.

A June release is in store for the Japan market, which I have no doubt will be
received quite well as most dream pop / shoegaze bands are, Quince Records
(well known shoegaze label) will be their distributors in the land of the
rising sun.

The Japanese release will get it’s own bonus track titled “Silver Clouds”
which features Andy Bell of Ride (now full time Oasis member) fame.

( MP3 ) SPC ECO - “Another Day”

SPC ECO - “Telling You”

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