AGDFA’s YouTube Goodies #1

From the mid-90’s to the mid-00’s, I recorded ALOT of music related footage on tapes. Apparently, I had a lot of free time on my hands.
For the last few months now, I’ve been going through those tapes to see what I
recorded back in those days but also, looking to see what was worth trasfering to [...]

The Wedge Presents: Osheaga 2011 Special

Damian Abraham (Fucked Up’s ringleader) has been doing a heckuva job since
becoming the host with the most of Muchmusic’s “The Wedge” back in January.
Doing tons of interviews with bands and airing a few specials along the way.
For this one, 45 minutes is devoted to those 3 days at Parc Jean-Drapeau
for the Osheaga Music Festival last [...]

Review: “The Wedge” Feat. Fucked Up’s Damian As New Host

Last night, on Muchmusic, was the beginning of the new, improved and re-imagined
“The Wedge” that’s been host-less since the departure of Sook-Yin Lee
back in 2001.
In charge of this redux edition is Damian Abraham a.k.a. Pink Eye,
frontman of Polaris Music Prize winning Toronto harcode punk band Fucked Up.

For you non-Canucks outthere, “The Wedge” is a show [...]

SPC ECO’s “3-D” Gets “Physical” This Week

April 21, 2009
Noiseplus Music
1. For All Time
2. Shine On Down
3. Telling You
4. See You Soon
5. Find It All
6. Another Day
7. Special
8. You’re Alright
9. Better That Way
10. Something Anything
11. Don’t Know Ever
12. Telling You (ELO RUB Mix)
13. Shine On Down (Overnight Mix)
14. Spotlight (Bonus Track)
Official Website
This is Dean Garcia’s new project, [...]