Superdrag Are “Industry Giants”

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Industry Giants
March 17, 2009
Superdrag Sound Laboratories / Thirty Tigers Records


01. Slow To Anger
02. Live And Breathe
03. I Only Want A Place I Can Stay
04. Everything’ll Be Made Right
05. Cheap Poltergeists
06. Try
07. Ready To Go
08. Filthy & Afraid
09. You’re Alive
10. 5 Minutes Ahead Of The Chaos
11. Aspartame
12. Deathblow To Your Pride

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Merely a one-hit wonder to some (their 1996 single “Sucked Out”) but to others,
the best purveyors of power pop and rock n’ roll badassery in the last 15 years.

Guess which category I belong to?

I’m not afraid to admit that I have a big on for Superdrag.

The band called it quits back in 2003. Singer/songwriter/frontman
John Davis sobered up (the man loved his liquor), found the lord
and became a family man.

He still recorded music as a solo artist releasing in 2005 his
self-titled debut album which was of the Christian-rock persuasion
but don’t let the Jebus love fool you, it still rocked as hard.

What rocked even harder, was his second solo album 2007’s “Arigato!”
and my favorite album of 2007 (here be my review for
Just balls to the wall rock n’ roll that just kicks in you right in the
gut. Think a cross between Hüsker Dü and the early days of Foo Fighters.
A massively overlooked album that should’ve gotten more recognition.
It will definitely have a top 10 spot in my favorite album lists of the 00’s.

The original Superdrag lineup (1996-98) which consists of Davis,
drummer Don Coffey Jr., guitarist Brandon Fisher and bassist Tom Pappas
got back together in October 2007 for 6 reunion shows. It all went
swimmingly and from that, in February 2008, they reconviened in the studio
and started work on the new album.

From a recent Magnet Magazine interview, John said of the new album that
“this might be the most focused the songwriting’s ever been.”

From the few songs I’ve had the chance to hear so far, looks like they haven’t
lost their step. The MP3 I’m featuring here titled “Everything’ll Be Made Alright”,
as a nice middle eastern flavor to it. Having a little sitar peppered in your songs is
never a bad thing.

The new album “Industry Giants” does comes out on St. Patty’s Day. You can now
pre-order the album on their Official Website.

Immediately following the release, touring will occur.

2 shows in their native Tennessee home (march 13 & 14) and then on to South By
, where it seems they will play on each day of the festival.

One being at the Unofficial House Party at ATJ Backyard on March 20th.
You best believe I will catch each and everyone of their shows while there.
They’ve been on my “bands I must see before I kick it” list for so long and now
that I get a chance to see them in all their live glory, I wouldn’t dare miss
any of their showcases.

East Coast Tourdates:

04.03.09 — Washington, D.C. ( 9:30 Club )
04.04.09 — Philadelphia ( Johnny Brenda’s )
04.09.09 — New York City ( Bowery Ballroom )
04.10.09 — Brooklyn, N.Y. ( Music Hall Of Williamsburg )
04.11.09 — Boston ( Paradise Rock Club )
04.25.09 — Chicago ( Metro )

Here’s the Superdrag / John Davis discography:

Regretfully Yours (1996)
Head Trip In Every Key (1998)
In The Valley Of Dying Stars (2000)
Last Call For Vitriol (2002)
Changin’ Tires On the Road To Ruin (2007) — > B-sides / rarities Compilation

John Davis (Solo Albums):

John Davis (2005)
Arigato! (2007)

If you’re new to the ‘drag, may I suggest my favorite album “In The Valley
Of Dying Stars”
as your starting point. To me, it’s the album that
encapsulate what Superdrag is all about.

( MP3 ) Superdrag - “Everything’ll Be Made Right”

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    “Headtrip” is my jam…i’ve got skeptical feelings for this record…let’s hope its good…and that people actually CARE about this reunion. One of the most underrated bands out there.

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