SXSW: 2009 Wrap Up

I know I’ve been slacking on this, it probably should’ve been posted a week ago but I got me a case of the lazies. Better late than never. Just gonna keep it simple with some highlights/lowlights from this year’s fest. Highlights Band discoveries: I got a few, most if not all were not on my […]

AGDFA 095 ( SXSW 2009 Edition )

90 mins : 06 secs | 62.1 mb Superdrag “Everything’ll Be Made Alright” ( thirty tigers records ) Industry Giants [ insound | amazon ] website | myspace | facebook Sky Larkin “Beeline” ( wichita recordings ) The Golden Spike [ insound | amazon ] website | myspace | facebook Ume “The Conductor” ( independent […]

MVs Collection #02 ( SXSW 2009 Edition )

I’ll be posting my annual SXSW podcast on Wednesday but here’s the thing … had so many choices in what I wanted to feature for this year’s festivities that I had to cut my playlist way the frak down. So, why not use those that were left out and present them in a MVs Collection’s […]

SXSW: 2009 ( Unofficial ) Music Torrent

Only 24 days away! That’s when the music portion of the festival kicks off. They’ve already posted the full schedule: And now, an enterprising young man by the name of “Ben” created two giant torrents of all the artists mp3s featured on the SXSW site: SXSW 2009 ( Unofficial ) Music Torrent 1053 mp3s […]

Superdrag Are “Industry Giants”

Industry Giants March 17, 2009 Superdrag Sound Laboratories / Thirty Tigers Records Tracklist: 01. Slow To Anger 02. Live And Breathe 03. I Only Want A Place I Can Stay 04. Everything’ll Be Made Right 05. Cheap Poltergeists 06. Try 07. Ready To Go 08. Filthy & Afraid 09. You’re Alive 10. 5 Minutes Ahead […]

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