Osheaga 2013: The Schedule

Is online! In beautiful JPEG form. You can make your favorites list right HERE and download the smart phone APP HERE. The schedule may change at any time so keep abreast of those changes through their website and Twitter feed. Tickets can still be purchased right here. 27 days away! In the meantime, on July […]

AGDFA’s 2011 Year-End Comp Mix

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The 3rd go around for my massive year-end compilation. 53 songs! You’re getting 3 more songs then last year! Bringing compilation awesomeness to a Whole. New. Level! Revel in it’s greatness! AGDFA’s 2011 Year-End Comp Mix. 01. The Black Keys – “Lonely Boy” 02. Dinosaur Pile-Up – “Mona Lisa” 03. Foo Fighters […]

My Year-End Lists Of 2011

It was an OK year. Nothing more, nothing less. Timber Timbre and their album “Creep On Creepin’ On” was without a doubt, the album I’ve listened to and seen performed live the most all year. Taylor Kirk‘s dark, swampy sound speaks to me. As for the rest of my top 5, these albums will be […]

MVs Collection #58 ( Timber Timbre Edition )

In honor of tonight’s Timber Timbre show @ St. Jean Baptiste Church (309 Rachel East) right here in Montreal, may I present to you every music video produced (so far) from my favorite Canadian album released this year and quite possibly for 2011 itself, “Creep On Creepin’ On”. Some really beautiful work from some very […]

Scene 1425: Fall Season Schedule

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter Us Montrealers are lucky to have great show promoters in Blue Skies Turn Black, Evenko and Greenland. Something that was seriously lacking in the rest of the Quebecois province, especially on the indie music front and that’s when Scene 1245 came into the picture. Located in the Laval suburbs, […]

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