MVs Collection #157

Shabazz Palaces - “#CAKE”
Directed by Hiro Murai.

Azealia Banks - “Heavy Metal And Reflective”
Directed by Rob Soucy & Nick Ace.

Trash Talk - “The Great Escape”
Directed by Jim Dirschberger.

Ex Cops - “Black Soap”
Directed by Philippe Grenade XIV.

The Barr Brothers – “Half Crazy”
Directed by Kaveh Nabatian.

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92 mins : 23 secs | 42.2 mb

Self “Splitting Atoms”
Super Fake Nice (EP) [ amazon ]
( el camino media, llc )
website | twitter | facebook

Kitty “NO OFFENSE!!!!!”
D.A.I.S.Y. Rage (EP) [ free download ]
( independent release )
website | twitter | facebook

Chase X Cloud Feat. Ash “The Thorn”
Affluenza (Mixtape) [ free download ]
( independent release [...]

MVs Collection #110

Shabazz Palaces - “An Echo From the Hosts That Profess Infinitum”
Directed by Joris Grelet.

JJ DOOM – “Bookhead” (NSFW)
Directed by Steve “ESPO” Powers.

The Lonely Island - “Spell It Out”
Directed by The Lonely Island.

Glass Candy -  “The Possessed”
Directed by Alberto Rossini.

XXYYXX - “About You”
Directed by Vash.

The Postal Service - “A Tattered Line Of String”
Directed by AB/CD/CD.

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My Year-End Lists Of 2012

2012 left me a bit blah.
I’ll always find at least 5 great albums in any year that trips me out and will
be listened to for years to come.
The top 10 i’ve listed here to me I feel they’ve hit it right out of the park.
You may have noticed that i haven’t blogged much about new [...]

Videos: Shabazz Palaces @ Il Motore (04. 11. 2012)

Fat, thumping beats.

On point rhymes from an exceptional MC.

All that was needed on stage was a Macbook, Congas, Mbira and a high-hat drum for their live Montreal debut and the best Hip Hop show i’ve seen in eons.

Shabazz Palaces is a Seattle-based hip-hop collective, led by Ishmael Butler aka “Palaceer Lazaro” (once “Butterfly” of early [...]

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