101 mins : 29 secs | 46.4 mb Beliefs “Leave With You” Leaper [ bandcamp ] ( hand drawn dracula ) website | twitter | facebook Ringo Deathstarr “Frisbee” Pure Mood [ amazon ] ( the reverberation appreciation society ) website | twitter | facebook Wild Moth “Mirror” Inhibitor [ amazon ] ( iron pier […]

AGDFA’s 2015 Year-End Comp Mix

My 2015 encapsulated in 65 songs. Basically, if you’ve never listened to my podcast (and if not, what the hell!?), this represents everything I loved in the last 12 months. Sonically displaying what my musical tastes are all about. So, if you end up digging this 3 hour + musical orgy of goodness, download my […]

My Year-End Lists Of 2015

Failure. Their album was not. 19 years between their last release, 1996’s “Fantastic Planet”, a masterpiece of a rock album and “The Heart Is A Monster”. The musical chemistry between Ken Andrews, Greg Edwards and Kellii Scott still very much potent after all these years. I am in awe of these people. May they stay […]

MVs Collection #198

Beliefs – “Leaper” Directed By Adam Leon. Ringo Deathstarr – “Guilt” Directed By Elliott Frazier. Elohim – “Xanax” Directed By Chase O’Black. Missy Elliott Feat. Pharrell Williams – “WTF (Where They From)” Directed By Dave Meyers & Missy Elliott. Lanterns On The Lake – “Faultlines” Directed By HandHeldCineClub. Wennink – “Dissolve” Directed By Alex Dunford. […]

CMJ 2015: My Must-See Picks

Official Website Facebook Twitter Instagram CMJ Week is almost upon us! CMJ’s 35th edition will go down a week early from previous years’ time, running from October 13th to the 17th. 1400+ artists is a crazy amount of music to be performed in a short 5 day period but somehow, they pull it off every […]

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