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Blood Red Shoes “It Is Happening Again” ( v2 )
Fire Like This [ amazon ]
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By Divine Right “Que Paso?” ( hand drawn dracula )
Mutant Message [ amazon ]
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Palmdale “Pick Your Poison” ( oglio )
Get Wasted EP [ [...]

Best Coast / No Joy / Friendship Cove / April 12th

Best Coast
Official Website
L.A. girl Bethany Cosentino, indulging in sweet lo-fi, fuzzed out beach pop.
Think Vivian Girls (or other great defunct L.A. lo-fi band Katie The Pest)
if there was an Asian guy on bass instead of luscious redhead Kickball Katy
(VG’s drummer Ali Koehler is behind the kit for this tour).
They’ve got a few 7″ out and [...]

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